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In the Area

Festival Headquarters

Possum’s Store is the headquarters for the Plein Air Festival activities.

Located in the little hamlet of Criglersville, approximately nine miles to

the northwest of historic downtown Madison, the store is reached via

scenic Old Blue Ridge Turnpike (State Route 670). Criglersville is

located on a flat plain close to the confluence of the Rose and

Robinson Rivers near the southern edge of the Shenandoah

National Park. Possum’s Store is a stately white building on the

corner of the Turnpike and Poorhouse Road with the Robinson

River a few hundred yards away. Drive slowly or you’ll be through

town before you know it!

Muncha Muncha!

Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges is the closest dining option to Possum’s Store.

It serves three meals a day, mostly family style, except for Saturday dinner, and

Sunday lunch and dinner. The Lodge is happy to take care of your gastronomic

needs while you’re in the area painting.


Please refer to the Meals and Lodging for details.


3626 Old Blue Ridge Turnpike, Madison, VA. (540) 923-4231.

For a list of Madison’s many other fine dining establishments, click here.

Drink Up!

DuCard Vineyards

40 Gibson Hollow Ln, Etlan, VA. 540-923-4206.

DuCard will host the Festival’s Plein Air exhibition and wine tasting on the evening

of May 7th from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. You may also paint on the property. We are

delighted to have DuCard as a partner.

For a list of Madison’s other five additional great vineyards and breweries, click here.

Move It!

Madison County offers many opportunities for Plein Air painting and for exploration. National parks, 64 named mountains, rivers, waterfalls and more. And when you’re through painting, hike, ride your mountain bike, swim, fish, pick apples, relax alongside a trout stocked river or take a picnic basket up a winding road and find a quiet spot to spread your blanket.


For information on other activities in Madison County, click here.

Lay Thy Weary Head!

Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges. At Graves’ Mountain, making folks feel welcome is a time-honored tradition established over the last 135 years. Family owned and operated, Graves is known for its down-home hospitality, all you can eat home cooked food, lodging, unrivaled natural beauty, and a wide range of outdoor activities sure to please every member of your family. Please refer to the Meals and Lodging​ for details.

3626 Old Blue Ridge Turnpike, Madison, VA. (540) 923-4231.

For a list of Madison’s other lodging options, click here.

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